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You were rushing for a scheduled meeting and slammed the conference room door key into the lock with full force, and damn, it’s damaged and stuck in the lock; quite frustrating it is, isn’t it? Thus, having our key extraction service.

Never try to extract the key from the lock on your own; if you tempt to do so, you risk damaging the pins and mechanisms within the lock. We understand your situation, so you don’t need to panic; experts and trained people are available to do the task like the Cheap Locksmith

If you are a resident of Boston then Cheap Locksmith Company numbers should be on your speed dial list. 

Key breaks into the lock for a variety of reasons; keys become weaker over time, making them more likely to snap when spun or entered with full force into the lock. The lock may have become clogged with debris; a professional locksmith will offer his expert opinion after a thorough examination.

The cheap Locksmith services extract keys from entrance doors, office doors, security locks, and safes. Contact the Cheap Locksmith anywhere there is a jammed or broken key in the lock.

Let us explain why you should seek the assistance of a cheap locksmith in a key extraction emergency.

Why Choose Us

We have retrieved keys from a variety of locks, including home, business, and government locks. That’s why the people of Boston trust us. 

  • Our highly competent and qualified locksmiths have extracted keys from a wide range of lock types, including high-security locks, a task that no ordinary handyman can perform.
  • The professional team of Cheap Locksmith will not damage your lock and will grant you access to it again without compromising your security and safety. Our team can also do excellent repairs in case the lock is broken.
  • Also, whether for your home, office, or car, our locksmiths have the most effective methods for replacing and repairing your locks after key extraction.
  • After years of experience and knowledge of many different locks, we know how to quickly and easily extract a broken key from your door lock. There is almost no property, lock, or problem left that we aren’t familiar with. Cheap Locksmith has dealt with all the issues related to locks. So this makes us more trustworthy and reliable. 

We believe that hiring the Cheap Locksmith is the safest, fastest, and most responsible way to remove a broken key from a lock. 

Contact Us Today to Extract your Key!

You can contact us without hesitation at any time of the day or night, regardless of the day, month, or year. With our automobile service, we can move throughout Boston and provide help whenever it’s required.

Professional equipment and touch are what you need for the key extraction. Doing this job on your own would involve trial and error, a waste of time and money.

Our locksmiths can also provide you with the most cost-effective replacement options.

Call us at (617) 639-5028 or send an email to We are keen to work with you! Tell us your queries or any service you require and we will respond as quickly as possible.