Things to Check Before Hiring a Locksmith in Boston, Ma

Hiring a locksmith in Boston, MAis often something that is needed out of necessity, or even as an emergency.  Maybe you have locked yourself out of your house, or perhaps out of your car.

You may need to change the locks to your home to keep someone from re-entering. Whatever your reason, hiring the right locksmith is not a project that should be taken lightly. You can let your fingers do the walking through a phone book, or check the results of your search engine of choice.

But how do you make sure that you are hiring a reputable locksmith, someone who is highly skilled and trained and that can be trusted? After all, whoever installs new locks or creates new keys to your home or vehicle has the ability to maintain duplicate copies.

So it is imperative that you hire someone who is licensed or certified, reliable, trustworthy and trained. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do when considering a locksmith to install new deadbolts, a security safe, or getting your keys out of your locked car.

Things to check before Hiring a Locksmith

Checking Locksmith Background

When considering a Boston, MA locksmith to install new locks or any other project, you may want to speak with 3 or 4 professionals before making your selection.  The first thing that you will want to do before hiring your final choice is to do a quick background check on each candidate.

Request references from each locksmith, both personal and professional. If a locksmith is unwilling to do so, check him or her off your list. Most professional locksmiths will provide them as part of their initial introduction. In fact, they may even have them posted on their website. You will also want to interview your candidates and ask them about their experience and areas of expertise. Hiring a brand new locksmith may provide the most competitive pricing, but it may also compromise the security of your home or vehicle. Checking with the Better Business Bureau or the Boston Attorney General’s office for complaints is another way to verify reliability. Online rating services, such as Google + Local and Yelp may give you some insight as well.

Is the Locksmith Licensed or Certified

In many States almost anyone can call themselves a locksmith, including those with criminal backgrounds. So it is important to be as diligent as possible when checking out the credentials of your prospective Boston locksmith. In those states that require it, be sure to verify that your candidate is licensed, insured and bonded. In those states that do not require licensing (and those that do as well), find out if your locksmith of choice has any special type of certification, such as from the Associated Locksmiths of America. 

By hiring either a licensed or certified (or both!) professional, you can have more confidence that you have chosen a highly skilled and ethical locksmith.

Determine Locksmith Services Provided

Once you have narrowed down you list to one or two reliable and experienced locksmiths, you will also need to determine what services your prospect and his or her Boston, MA locksmith company has to offer. If the candidate primarily makes copies of keys and installs door locks, you may need someone with a different skill set for your new security system installation. Or if you routinely lock yourself out of your car, you may need a 24 hour emergency service, so be sure your new locksmith offers it. But for convenience you will want to deal with the same company for all of your “locksmithing” needs, so be careful to choose someone who can provide a wide range of services.  A long term relationship with a locksmith can result in priority service as well as best pricing.

Obtain Locksmith Pricing Up Front

Nothing is worse than to call a locksmith in for emergency work, only to almost fall over when presented with the bill. Before you make your final selection, ask for a pricing list from your considered vendors. Make sure to not only review the standard pricing for such things as lock replacement, lost combinations or security system installations, but also if there is a premium charged for emergencies, such as being locked out of your home. 

Also be sure to ask if the pricing includes return visits to make any adjustments or alterations if needed. Basically find out if their work is guaranteed and if there is a warranty. Once you have hired your new Boston, MA locksmith, keep the pricing list on hand for reference. This will help you to determine if the project is truly an emergency or if it can wait until normal business hours.


There is no doubt that locksmiths play a vital role in our personal and professional lives. And often when you need a locksmith, such as when locking yourself out of your house or car, you really need a locksmith! As we have discussed, their skills can be highly varied, either by specializing in residential or commercial services, or both.  And their background and credentials or licensing must also be taken into consideration.  But whatever Boston locksmith company or service you ultimately decide to hire, be sure that it meets the high standards outlined in this article so that you can be confident of receiving an outstanding level of service for years to come.

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