Advanced Security Control: How to Keep Burglars Out of Your House

Like good pest control, home security is all about prevention. If you’ve never had to experience the consequences of a break-in, it’s easy to think your home is protected already and put off taking action to properly ensure that your loved ones and property are safe. Burglary, after all, is unpredictable, and it’s ideal to have good security measures in place you know are effective, so you don’t ever have to worry or wonder. Here are some things to consider to increase the security of your house:

Think like a Burglar

Although there are many types of burglars, most burglars aren’t MacGyver. Many are desperate, young, and opportunistic, looking for the houses that are the easiest to break into with the highest payoff. To prevent this type of crime, one very basic step to take is to make sure that you keep doors and windows closed and locked at all times and keep valuables put away and out of sight. More seasoned criminals may pick a promising target in a neighborhood and watch them for days to decide on the timing of their burglary and their attempted point of entry. Make sure to keep your yard property well landscaped and looked over, so it will be difficult for anyone to hide and stake you out while you are unaware. If you see any suspicious cars or activity in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to report it to the police. Many burglaries happen in the daylight through obvious points of entry when people get too comfortable in thinking they are safe in their neighborhoods.

Secure Physical Points of Entry

Beyond making sure to always keep doors and windows closed and locked, install good locks and physical security measures. All exterior doors should have quality deadbolts, which make forced entry more difficult. Garage doors should be secured by an electric opener, and it’s a smart idea to make sure you have a good lock on the interior door in your garage, as well.

Windows are another point of entry that often goes overlooked. Don’t settle for the factory latches that come with your windows. Buy locks made specifically for windows from your local locksmith. They aren’t expensive and greatly increase window security. Also consider tempered glass or bars over your window to prevent smashing. Bars come in decorative styles so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for safety.

Add Technological Security

In additional to physical prevention, think about adding a monitored home security system. Sensors at entry points on your house communicate wirelessly to the central monitor. A system like this allows you to have peace of mind even when you’ll be away from your home for a longer period of time. If something unusual is detected in your home, the monitor will notify both you and the police simultaneously.

If you want even stronger assurance that your home is truly safe, consider adding remote home surveillance cameras and motion detectors. These can act not only to catch burglars but also to deter them from coming onto your property in the first place, as most of these types of criminals are looking for the easiest site to enter.

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